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This Is Really Amazing: Here’s What Will Happen If You Mix Water, Vinegar And Coarse Salt And Place It In A Corner Inside House!

Cleaning is crucial for our health, but there is another cleaning while you do this procedure, and that is, cleaning from disturbed and negative effects. When you start cleaning turn off the TV or stereo, and do it properly without distraction.

Try to visualize how the negative energies are going away, but focus on the positive ones. While cleaning and clearing from all negative influences, you can talk either silently or aloud saying that you want to get rid off from all negative energy in the room. You need to be in a meditated state of mind and repeating the words as mantra so that efficiently the negative energy is gone.

Every workspace and house should be cleared frequently. There isn’t a specific rule how often you should do this, however when you start to have negative notions start this procedure. Further in the text we shall present you with a guide how to perform this procedure.

Clearing Guide

  • It is very important when you enter a new house or a new workplace to do a thorough cleaning and clearing. Because every previous occupant leaves negative and disturbed energy, and you do not want these negative notions to be transferred to you.
  • Especially if a member of the household was ill, it has to be properly cleared.
  • Likewise, any object that it is antique, old, or hand-made, like crafts, works of art; then objects that were previously used, for instance jewelry, need to be cleared.

We cannot stop the negative energy to enter in our homes, somehow it always leaks, but we can avoid them by frequent cleaning and clearing especially with a simple recipe that we shall present it to you.

Thusly, you will be able to restore balance and harmony in the rooms you are using, and keep the positive energy. It is very effective and practiced by many people claiming that the negative energy is immediately gone, thus keeping the positive flow of energy. Here it is what you need:

You need a see-through cup filled with a mixture of water, vinegar and coarse salt.Then put this cup in a corner of your house. The effect would be getting rid of the negative energy, and keeping the positive one thus feeling relaxed and calm. Try this recipe, and you will be astonished by the results!


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