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This Natural Remedy will Completely Eliminate all Toenail Fungus

Without doubt one of the ugliest sights, which is actually a very dangerous, is a fungus infection on the toenails, whose removal is a daunting task. It cannot always be cured with drugs, but there’s a recipe that can help you permanently get rid of the fungus in the nails. For that, you need only baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This combination destroys the natural environment for this type of infection.

In a plastic basin pour vinegar – enough to cover the feet and toes, first soak your nails in it, and then the feet for about 10 minutes. Wipe and dry them well. Discard the vinegar and pour hot water into the basin, where your feet should stay for another 20 minutes. Then add a cup of baking soda into the water, and soak the feet for another fifteen minutes. This procedure must be repeated as many times as necessary. To be effective, you must keep your feet always dry and clean.

Fungi love damp and dark environment, so make sure you are not providing it.

Wear shoes which are open in the vicinity of the toes. Another thing that can also hamper their appearance is regular trimming of the nails on the toes.

After several weeks of treatment using this folk recipe with baking soda and vinegar there will be no trace of fungal infection. It has been shown that the latter is applicable in the treatment of various diseases because of its valuable properties. The market is literally flooded with different types of apple cider vinegar, but the most beneficial is the one with pieces of substance floating at the bottom, as it is dissolved and extends the spectrum of the beneficial properties of the acidic fluid.

It turns out that vinegar in necessary in any household. Do not assume, however, that its use is associated only with culinary and fungal infections! There are dozen remedies in which this particular vinegar is the main acting agent! When you start using it you will forget about expensive household cleaners because its cleaning actions are so broad. It’s not just for washing windows with vinegar solution or air freshener with a cloth soaked in vinegar! Everything after treatment with apple cider vinegar becomes perfect!



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