How to find my Medicare provider number

Healthcare providers who provide care to Medicare beneficiaries must receive a Medicare provider number prior to care management in order to be able to bill Medicare for their services. This provider number is the National Provider Identifier Number (NPI). Healthcare providers must request their NPI number through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), which then assigns the ten-digit identification number for the healthcare provider to use when filing Medicare paperwork. . Keep track of your NPI number carefully or you will have to contact NPPES to inquire about your lost number.


1 Save the notification letter you received from NPPES after you applied for the NPI number. If you applied by mail, you received a paper letter notifying you of your acceptance and providing your NPI number. If you applied electronically, you will receive an email letter with your NPI number. This notification letter is proof that you have an NPI number and contains the information necessary for verification of that.

2 Visit the NPPES website to find contact information for the NPI enumerator. Contact NPPES by phone, email, or mail for help with a lost or forgotten NPI number.

3 Present the NPI number in a safe place when you receive it after contacting NPPES.