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A Teaspoon of this Magic Mix in Your Morning Coffee Melts Kilos More Effectively Than Most Fat-Burning Drinks

Drink a cup of steaming coffee in the morning is a ritual that most people can not do without. Caffeine, in itself, has several benefits on our health: it boosts our energy, stimulates our memory and protects our body against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver cancer, and keep our heart healthy and in fine shape. But adding a few ingredients to your coffee, as we’ll explain below, you will speed up your metabolism and any excess weight will magically disappear.

A Teaspoon of this Magic Mix in Your Morning Coffee

Make your morning coffee a powerful fat burner!

What we present here is a recipe that added to your morning coffee, significantly improve the taste and guarantee a lasting weight loss.


– ¾ cup of coconut oil

– ½ cup honey (use the same cup for measurements)

– 1 teaspoon cinnamon

– 1 teaspoon of cocoa (optional)


Mix the ingredients until smooth, then pour the mixture into a glass jar.

The next morning, you just add one to two teaspoons of this mixture to your cup of morning coffee while it’s still hot. Stir for a few seconds and enjoy!

Your coffee will have exquisite taste and, you will find no technique as delicious as this one that will allow you to lose weight! Try it and you will be amazed by results in such a short time.


If we closely examine these ingredients, we will notice that each of them brings a significant amount of benefits.

Coffee, for example, is a mine of antioxidants that boost your metabolism and have significant anti-inflammatory effect on muscle pain.

Coconut oil, full of triglycerides and fatty acids, strengthens the defenses of the immune system, improves digestion and promotes energy expenditure by burning fat stored by the body.

Honey, is the best natural sweetener, has antibacterial properties and is quality ally in fight against several diseases such as influenza, colds and sore throats.

Cinnamon is a spice known for its powerful natural effects against stress, premature aging, and fat storage. This spice slows the absorption of glucose and regulates the concentration of sugar in the blood. That way body accumulates less fat, resulting in easier and faster weight loss.

Finally, cocoa is rich in magnesium and is a famous antidepressant.

So, start your day with this blend of natural ingredients to naturally boost your body energy, which will keep him fit and full of energy all day while stimulating metabolism and getting it to burn more fat.

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