When is the use of dental veneers recommended?

Dental veneers are used to modify visual aspects of the front teeth such as shape, color, position , etc.

To be more precise, we can define some of the most common examples:

  •  COVER TOOTH FRACTURES   If a person bumps into a tooth and a piece breaks , or if they have a tooth damaged by use , a dental veneer can be placed and thus covered the tooth to see it as new.
  •  COVER INTERDENTAL SPACES   When two teeth are widely separated from each other (diastema), cosmetic veneers can be placed to cover that space.
  •  CORRECT TOOTH SHAPES   If a tooth is too short, or misaligned with the rest, it is possible to build veneers to cover the teeth
  •  TEETH WHITENING   When the chemical whitening of the tooth fails to achieve the desired result, a veneer can cover it and give it a whiter color. In any case, we must remember that dental cleaning and teeth whitening are not the same, so good oral health must always be prioritized beyond aesthetics.

In general, aesthetic veneers could be a solution for crooked, separated, crowded or mounted teeth, always thinking about mild cases, since these problems could require orthodontics on many occasions.

If you review everything we have told you, you will have a clearer idea of ​​your choice when you go to the dentist, because if they tell you all this for the first time, at first you may feel somewhat confused. Other questions will also arise