Types of tanning lotions

In the field of protecting our skin in the area of ​​tanning there are tanning lotions; For these, two types of lotions have been developed, each one is aimed at two different groups.

To those who have time to sunbathe naturally and those who have to go to tanning beds to be able to maintain a beautiful golden all over their skin. Next we will tell you more about them:

Outdoor tanning lotions

They are those lotions that are intended to be used on our skin while we expose ourselves directly to the sun’s rays to obtain a tan naturally.

These tanning lotions have among their main components a certain degree of sun protection factor (SPF), which is why they give us special care on our skin when obtaining a good tan.

Indoor tanning lotions   

These tanning lotions are those indicated to be used in salons, sunbeds or solarium; all this in order to obtain a desired tan.

This type of tanning lotion does not have any type of sun protection factor among its chemical composition; For this reason, dermatologists state that it should not be used at the time of direct sunbathing.

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