Tips to create a quality custom logo design for your brand

We all know that logo is a visual representation of any brand. If you want your brand to be recognized you need a logo. It is the only thing through which people can acknowledge you or your work as a brand or a company. Designing a logo is not that simple, it needs full attention, care and a person should be precise when making a logo. However, when you want a unique logo for your business or brand you can design your own logos or have it designed by a professional. Generally, we call it a custom logo design because it is specially designed for you with you involved in the process.

Besides, if your logo is badly designed, it could mislead people and they can perceive the wrong meaning of your brand. You can understand it as if you are a women’s clothing brand and your logo is designed in a way that it looks like your products are for kids. It would be a huge blunder and people won’t take you or your brand seriously because it will give them a bad impression of you. Most probably they will doubt everything after that such as your services, your product quality. So, try and make your logo suitable for your brand.

Do you know that there is a difference between a template logo and a custom logo? When you can find logo designs online and you can choose among them, it is a template logo. These kinds of logos are for the people who don’t want to spend much money on their logo or have a small business.  But, when you hire a professional for designing your logo, it is called a custom logo. These kinds of logos are made as per your wishes, what you want your logo to look like.

Steps to create a custom logo for your brand

Comprehend your brand identity

Firstly, for initiating a custom logo design you need to know your brand personality. You need to make your designer understand your brand, the services you provide. You need to think of something or have to give a piece of information that can differentiate you from other competitors that have similar products and services like yours.  In case, you can’t do all of this on your own, then you have to tell everything to your designer like what is the idea of your brand or who are your ideal customers. This step of telling your designer everything is going to help choose the fonts, color, etc. while designing. It can make work easy for you or your designer.

Put out your ideas on a piece of paper

If you are a designer or you are going to design your own logo. First of all, you need to do one thing and that is brainstorming your mind, whatever coming to your mind you should sketch on the paper. No matter it is a good or not so good idea just put it down on the paper roughly and then you can decide from them, how you want your logo to look like. Other than that, you can take a look at other great logos that are so famous and get the idea from them as well. Or if you are hiring a professional you can show these sketches of yours or in other words, you can give the idea of what you want in your logo.

Keep it as simple as you can

A good logo is always as simple as possible. Have you seen a logo of an apple? It’s literally just an apple with a bite but as memorable as simple. Whether you are a designer or not you need to think of simple designs. Your logo design should be like when people see your design, they can be able to understand it at first glimpse. The font style, shapes, color shouldn’t be complex. Because it would be difficult for people to remember your brand, your product, and everything about you. Everything should complement your brand personality such as the size of the font, color theme, shapes, etc.

The logo should be adjustable in every size

Make your logo adjustable in every size possible. While making your custom logo design or having it made by an expert you need to understand that your logo is not going to print on just a single thing it is going to print on every office stationery as well so definitely you need it in small size also. Or maybe you want your logo to be on the billboard. There is no standard size for a logo so keep in mind, your logo should be designed in a manner that it can be adjustable in every size.

After designing your logo, if you want to know that your logo looks okay or not you need to ask other people. Their criticism can improve your design or if you already have a great design then you can proceed to the next step that is printing.

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