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This Nutritionist doesn’t Recommend these Foods Because they Prevent you from Losing Weight

Obviously eating three servings of cake will not be favorable for your waistline, but as surprising as it may seem, eating three servings of broccoli will not help you either. There are four food categories to watch if you want to lose weight. Indeed, according to Stephanie Middleberg, nutritionist from New York, these foods cause weight gain.

This Nutritionist doesnt Recommend these Foods

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables
    Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale are the biggest upset blowers because of their high fiber content. It is therefore advisable to eat them in small quantities if you want to lose weight.
  2. Processed Salty Products
    Canned soup or packaged meats are examples of products where a large quantity of salt has been added. When consumed, you hold the water the body needs. Avoid these foods as much as possible in order not to encourage weight gain.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Foods
    Your body doesn’t like fake food. Among them, sugar-free gum, sucralose, frozen yogurt and all products that contain many unrecognizable ingredients on the label. Opt for healthy foods. In addition to their great taste, they don’t affect your waistline.

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