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Success Story of a Woman Who Lost 35 Kilos by Changing Some Habits

When Rachael Plummer decided to be stronger and stop eating compulsively and emotionally, it was enough to change some habits to lose 35 kilos.

Before: 107.5

After: 72.5

Success Story of a Woman Who Lost 35 Kilos by Changing Some Habits

The Lifestyle

When I was in school, I invent any excuse to exit the gym classes. When we had to run around a field, I was always the last. My gym teacher encouraged me to be more active, but because I was fat, I told myself that I was not talented enough.

When I started college, I plunged into a terrible depression and I turned to food for comfort. Sugar made me feel better at first, but I ate so much that in the end I disgust myself. At that time, I was drinking at least two liters of Dr Pepper a day. My meals? Frozen pizzas, waffles, chicken nuggets and fries. My weight had reached 107.5 kilos and I used to fall apart every time I was shopping.

The Change

Four years ago, I decided to change my (bad) habits. I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition, but I started to exercise by alternating walking and jogging.

After two weeks I broke my ankle (in an accident that had nothing to do with sport) and I had to have an operation. While I was stuck in bed, recovering, I remember thinking: “I cannot just lay here and spend my time eating junk food.”

While recovering in my hospital bed, I started to monitor the size of my portions and I gradually moved from sodas to water. I lost almost 8 kilos in six weeks without sports.

Once my ankle healed, I started to change my habits while playing sports with Jillian Michaels DVD in my garage. I cleaned up my diet from grilled chicken (I finished with nuggets) and I swapped white bread against whole grains, like brown rice. When I wanted something sweet, I took dark chocolate. I also used Tumblr to follow my progress when I posted pictures of my progress, day after day.

As I increased my exercise and stopped eating processed foods, I felt more confident about myself and less depressed. After 10 months, I had lost 22.5 kilos!

Sometimes when I had sugar cravings, I was afraid that I may fail. But when that happened, I was taking a breath and wondering, “Why do you want this candy?” In that moments I was realizing that the answer was not that I was hungry and it helped me to stop eating emotionally. I worked on my stress and observed my progress thru photos.

Before two years, I started lifting weights and I literally fell in love with this sport! Although my goal in terms of weight was to lose weight as much as possible, the more I felt strong, I appreciated more muscle I built. Today I have hyper-muscular legs and I love them. I weigh 35 kilos less than when I started changing my habits.

The reward

Since I changed my lifestyle, I feel like a completely different person! My passion for health has even led to new career. Last year I attended a six-week training to become a personal trainer. Two months later, I bought a small studio near my home and I started training clients.

Today, in addition to managing my gym, I coach other people online to help them change their habits. I work with them to develop exercise plans and personalized nutrition.

Rachael’s advice

Work on your relationship with yourself. I isolated myself, for years. But I tried to replace negative thoughts with positive and slowly began to feel more confident. You must be a friend with yourself.

Be patient. There is no straight line to success. When you hit an obstacle and are tempted to give up, look at the progress you’ve already made. Look where you come from, not the way you have to go ahead.

Document your story. Whether it’s a blog or a diary, dedicate space and time on your progress. I created a Tumblr page and it has been a place where I got support and encouragement from people. Take pictures of your progress and post them instead of worrying about your balance!

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