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She Put a Plastic Bag Over the Shower Head! The Result? Unbelievable! (Video)

Is your shower head is clogged because of the soap residues, tartar or limestone and you are looking for a natural way to remove all the dirt? Here is a technique of stunning simplicity that will help you get rid of the dirt that remains attached to the shower head.

Over time, the limestone in the water always ends up stuck on the shower head, which can then be blocked, so it is necessary to clean it regularly.

But to preserve the hygiene of your bathroom and remove the dirt that can accumulate, you may need to intensify your efforts. This place is both hot and humid and also conducive to the growth of bacteria of all kinds, hence the importance of keeping it clean for optimal hygiene. But the means to preserve the luster of your bathroom are sometimes limited, expensive, poisonous and often disappointing.

Here is a trick containing 100% natural ingredient to remove soap scum, lime scale that often remain hanging on the shower head with its use and, ultimately, can clog the shower head.

For this trick, take a large plastic bag filled with white vinegar (half). Then immerse the showerhead in the plastic bag (it is necessary that the entire shower head is submerged). Tie the plastic bag with an elastic rubber band, for example, to secure it well and let the vinegar soak for a minimum of two hours.

After this time, remove the bag and you’ll find that your shower head will be like new! And do not spoil the rest of vinegar; you can pour it over the drains to revive their luster.

If your shower head is old and stuffy for a long time, you will probably need to complete the action of vinegar, and after that rub around the holes with a brush to remove the scale and limestone.

Another way to do this it to unscrew the shower head and place it in a container (plastic not metal) filled with white vinegar and let it soak for two hours.

Why white vinegar is it so effective in removing lime scale?

Composed of water and acetic acid, white vinegar is a versatile product that can be used in any area of the house. This natural product has very effective antibacterial properties that can perfectly replace bleach to clean your surfaces. Whether for scouring pots, unclog your pipes, shine your floors, your appliances, polishing your faucet, flatware or your windows, white vinegar has a wide range of uses.

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