This Guide traces the consular administrations and help that are given by the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, including through the Indian Embassies and Consulates abroad. There might be conditions in which its capacity to offer consular help might be restricted. These conditions, in addition to other things, are laid out in this report, alongside guidance for Indian explorers and displaced people traveling to another country.

We are focused on giving productive and financially savvy backing to Indians abroad, to the best of our ability, and in concordance with neighborhood guidelines in power.

All Indian nationals abroad, including NRIs (Indian visa holders) 

PIO/OCI card holders (under unique conditions).

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  • Acquaint yourself with the nations you are visiting 
  • Check the most recent tourism warnings and follow them 
  • Assume individual liability for your movement decisions, your security, accounts and conduct abroad, including submitting to the laws of the country you are visiting 
  • Ensure you have the right visas for the nations you are visiting or traveling and check some other sections or leave necessities. 
  • Arrange your funds to cover your arranged travel. 
  • Comply with the laws of the nation you’re visiting, regardless of whether these seem brutal or outlandish by Indian norms. Try not to hope to be dealt with uniquely in contrast to local people.
  • Take suitable travel and complete clinical protection that covers you for any surprising expenses; ensure you have looked for clinical guidance for wellbeing concerns, have exceptional inoculations and, in case you’re conveying drug items or medications from India, ensure they are permitted in the country you are visiting 
  • Secure your identification and report it speedily in case it is lost, taken or harmed. 
  • Ensure your visa is legitimate (with somewhere around a half year legitimacy from your arranged date of get back to India) and won’t lapse when you are abroad 
  • Convey additional identification photographs in the event that your visa is lost or taken and you need to supplant it while you’re away. 
  • Make duplicates of your identification (counting visa pages), protection strategy, secured checks, visas and Mastercard numbers. Convey one duplicate in a different spot away from the firsts and furthermore leave a duplicate with somebody at home. 
  • Stay in touch with loved ones back home and leave a duplicate of your protection strategy subtleties and your abroad schedule with them
  • On the off chance that your visit in an outside nation is for a sensible time span, register with the nearby Indian Embassy/Consulate prior to leaving India or before long appearance, to improve pros to consular help and updates. (Understudies can enlist on the Students’ Module of MADAD – under development) 
  • Approach consular staff with deference and be straightforward in giving the Embassy/Consulate with all significant data when looking for our help 
  • In the event that you get captured or confined for reasons unknown, demand Consular access (under the Vienna Convention) to an agent from the closest Indian Embassy/Consulate


  • Register the births and passings of Indian residents, as per the pertinent Indian laws 
  • Register relationships of Indian residents, as per the pertinent Indian laws 
  • Issue substitution identifications, crisis testaments and different archives (charge pertinent) 
  • Give help/bringing home and monetary help to upset Indians, subject to the principles relevant 
  • Aid removal of Indians by unfamiliar Governments 
  • Remove people under a deal/course of action 
  • Keep authority of assets and belongings of Indians, in specific possibilities 
  • In case you are captured, an Embassy/Consulate delegate can visit or get in touch with you to keep an eye on your government assistance, educate your family, give consular help (subject to your assent) and do what we can to see you are treated in a reasonable way under the laws of that country 
  • Give guidance and backing in a wide scope of different cases including the demise of family members abroad, missing people and kidnappings 
  • In the event that you assent, we will contact companions or family for your benefit. (In certain possibilities, we may contact your companions or family even where we have been not able to get your assent) 
  • Give help with instance of any crisis, including health related crises 
  • Give monetary help (in light of means-testing) if there should be an occurrence of specific crises or in remarkable circumstances, according to rules appropriate. 
  • In case you are the survivor of a genuine attack or other wrongdoing, give assistance under nearby laws 
  • Make uncommon courses of action in instances of worldwide psychological oppression, common unsettling influences and cataclysmic events (expenses may apply) 
  • Give some notarial administrations, including seeing and validating records and directing pledges and attestations (charges apply), according to the important standards 
  • Take proof and administration records abroad (expenses apply), according to the important guidelines.

While the public authority will put forth all attempts to give the sorts of consular help recorded above, it ought not be accepted that a wide range of help will be given paying little mind to the conditions. The public authority might be compelled to restrict the help stretched out to you on the off chance that it thinks about that the conditions warrant along these lines, for instance, where your activities were unlawful, or you have purposely or over and over misbehaved or carelessly and put yourself or others in danger, or you have shown an example of conduct that has required different cases of consular help beforehand.
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