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One teaspoon of this spice allows you to lose 3 times more body fat

Losing weight is not easy, unless you include the right ingredients in your diet! Discover this spice that will be of great help to lose a few kilos.

One teaspoon of this spice allows you to lose 3 times more body fat

According to numerous scientific studies, spices are allies against overweight. And cumin is one of the most powerful food additives to activate the process of burning fat. It helps to naturally reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

Scientists say the cumin seeds can:

  • Reduce body fat;
  • Detoxify the liver;
  • Reduce blood pressure;
  • Improve digestion;
  • Treat water retention;
  • Relieve skin problems.

According to an Iranian study the medicinal properties of cumin are related to its high content of thymoquinone, the most important bioactive ingredient in the cumin seed oil. This study by the Iran University of Medical Sciences and Heath, Shahid Sadoughi also demonstrates that the cumin helps to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and promotes fat burning.

In this study, both groups of women had the same diet accompanied by regular physical activity for a period of 3 months, but one group consumed about 1 teaspoon (3g) cumin, daily. Women who consumed cumin managed to lose about 1.5 kg more and their fat mass decreased by 14.64%. Moreover, it has contributed to reduce low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol in women who consumed cumin, unlike those who have not consumed.

Scientists believe that these results are due to phytosterols, compounds in cumin that help prevent the absorption of cholesterol by the body. Further research is needed, but scientists note that this spice is, like any other pungent spice, a process accelerator.

Cumin has powerful antioxidant effects that protect the liver, kidneys, stomach and digestive system. It also has anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties, and is ideal for strengthening the immune system and fight against harmful microorganisms in the body.

Cumin and obesity

Obesity is a modern disease, it usually results from poor lifestyle based on unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and sleep disorders. The most frightening is that obesity causes real health problems, it can lead to immune dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Some studies confirm that cumin can prevent these health problems, as it stimulates the weight loss process.

Nutritionists recommend consumption of natural foods and herbs (widely used in traditional medicine) such as cumin, green tea and black tea from China to lose weight healthily. Moreover, regular consumption of cumin, especially accompanied by regular physical activity, can help you lose weight and burn body fat in 2 months!

So remember to eat regularly cumin if you are overweight. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of this spice with 1 glass of water or yogurt. You can also add a lemon juice and little honey to improve the taste.

Important: cumin should not be consumed in the case of surgical intervention, as it can trigger bleeding and blood sugar problems. In addition, this spice slows down blood clotting and reduces sugar levels in the blood. Pregnant women should also avoid consuming cumin, because it can trigger contractions.

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