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Did You Know that Using a Potato you can Light a Room for a Month?! – VIDEO

The potato is a vegetable rich in nutrients such as starch, vitamins (B1, B6, C and D) and minerals (magnesium, potassium). Many virtues of this vegetable are essential in a balanced and varied diet. But did you know that you can use it other than in the kitchen?

From the health point of view, potato protects against cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, reduces stress and the risk of osteoporosis, lowers inflammation, helps keep the gut healthy, relieves gastric ulcer and helps lose weight when eaten plain, without sauce or frying.

In addition to its health benefits, the potato is also used as a beauty remedy that eliminates grey hair, or as lightening agent for the underarm skin, eliminates age spots on the face, treats burns and sunburn sun, etc.

But the potato is also used by researchers to produce electricity!

The potato as battery

The researchers found that the potato could play the role of a battery, and if they are cooked for 8 minutes, they can produce 10 times more energy than a raw potato.

Haim Rabinovitch, professor of agriculture and science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found that if you use units composed of potato slices placed between the zinc anode and copper cathode connected to an electric wire, you can illuminate an entire room without using LED bulbs for about 40 days!

This research has uncovered countless opportunities for people living in the underdeveloped areas of the world.

The first question that arises is: why potatoes?

  • Because potatoes are plentiful, and are at a very affordable price.
  • They are grown everywhere, both in a tropical climate as subtropical.

In fact, potatoes are not an energy source by themselves. They function more as a connection between the metal and allow electrons to move freely through the wire. Thus they contribute to the production of electricity. They are also made of solid starch tissues, and can be stored for months without attracting insects.

In terms of their cooking, it allows to break the inherent resistance to the dense flesh, which facilitates electron flow and promotes the production of electricity significantly. Moreover, a baked potato-based battery produces up to 50% more energy than a standard AA battery, while it is 5 to 10 times cheaper.

Moreover, this battery containing cooked potatoes can function for both lamps as well as for charging phone batteries.

However, the introduction and generalization of this technique is still under study and has not been effective yet.



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