Know the different products to kill rats and mice

Now we have provided you with enough information so that you know all the products that are at your fingertips. It is time to choose the one that best suits your needs, and for this we suggest you take the following into account:

– If the rat infestation is in an open field , you could think of a trap like Goodnature that will not pollute the environment or pose a danger to other animals that may be nearby in the field. There have been many cases where pets such as dogs and / or cats have been poisoned by a rat trap. In addition, this rat trap can be easily installed in any corner, since it only has to be screwed onto a vertical surface. If that is not possible, a specific bracket can be used to install the trap in a horizontal position.

This trap will allow you to take care of the environment and of anyone who approaches it with the ignorance that it is a lethal trap for rats. In addition, it allows killing more than one rat in the day, making it a very effective tool when it comes to pests.

– Rat poison is a bait that has a smell very similar to that of food and for which they will be attracted. You can leave a bait dish outside, as long as there are no animals such as dogs or cats that can become poisoned and even die from its ingestion.

Indoor rat traps have a greater margin of choice:

– Electronic traps are a good solution when rodents are in a house or flat, since, in this environment, the rat will associate it will see the trap as a den and will go to it to take refuge. Again, it will not be a danger for people in our house, especially if there are small children and / or pets, since the trap will be deactivated automatically. In addition, it is a trap without toxic or dangerous substances.

– Bait holders are equally safe for members of our family since neither children nor pets will have the opportunity to come into contact with the bait thanks to their safety lock. The small side opening of the bait holder will prevent any person or animal from accessing the bait, since the entrance is specially designed to give access to small rodents.

– Traditional traps are very effective traps that, despite the passage of time, remain useful and functional. We recommend that you be very careful where you place it at home, since with a little carelessness the trap mechanism could be activated and cause damage to animals or people. However, it is a fast and very inexpensive way to kill rats indoors.

– Glue or sticky traps are commonly used in spaces where the use of rat poison is not allowed for safety reasons. They are a particularly useful solution due to their speed and allow the elimination of rats and mice in a clean way, since the trap only has to be discarded once the rodent has been captured. As with traditional traps, it is very important to be careful that no one in your house passes over them.

– Rat poison can also be used at home, being very careful when there are children or pets. It is an effective way to kill rats, being very careful that the rodenticide does not come into contact with our food and always handling it with gloves.