How to request a tourist voucher to travel cheaper in Aragon

After the success of the first call for the Aragonese Tourist Bonus, which sold out in less than two days, this Wednesday the Government of Aragon has opened the second call for tourist bonds to promote travel through the Autonomous Community .

This program of tourist vouchers of the Aragonese executive, through the Department of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development and the three provincial councils, is destined to the acquisition of tourist packages, through an Aragonese travel agency adhered to the program, which subsidizes up to 40% of the cost of travel services, with a maximum of 300 euros. The sum of the two planned periods has a budget that can be extendable up to three million euros, contributed by the regional Executive, 1.5 million, and 500,000 euros by each of the councils.

Requirements to apply for a tourist voucher in Aragon

This second bonus period will run from September 1 to December 20.

  • Any person of legal age with legal and stable residence in Spain may request it .
  • It is mandatory to formalize the trip through the 159 travel agencies adhered to the program and it will be granted in order of formalization of reservations.
  • The user must register and once the registration is confirmed, they will receive an email with their promotional code or waiting list number (in case the codes are exhausted).
  • It is not necessary to provide any documentation.
  • The voucher must necessarily be enjoyed in the same period in which it is acquired.
  • Once the code has been received, there is a period of seven calendar days to formalize the reservation at any of the Travel Agencies attached to the Program. The voucher will expire if the reservation is not formalized within that period. However, this will not prevent you from reapplying for a new voucher, subject to the waiting list that may exist.
  • At the time of formalizing the reservation with the travel agency, a responsible declaration must be delivered signed , integrated in the aid application form, by which the representation is granted to present the request for aid to the agency with which it is make the reservation and declare to be of legal age, have legal and stable residence in Spain and meet the requirements established in the Order of regulatory bases and summons. The travel agency will in turn sign the request and upload it to the platform along with the rest of the documentation justifying the trip. From that moment on, the reservation is confirmed and the person benefiting from the voucher can enjoy the contracted tourist package.
  • The agency has to be paid 60% of the eligible services. Of everything that is not eligible, 100% will be paid.
  • A voucher can be obtained per applicant and period. The voucher can be acquired so that several people benefit from the tourist package, although only one, the applicant for the aid, will be the final beneficiary of it .

The eligible services of the Aragón tourist voucher

  • Accommodation : minimum stay of two consecutive nights in the same or in different tourist accommodation in Aragon (hotel establishments, rural houses, tourist apartments, campsites, shelters and hostels). Spas and houses for tourist use are excluded .
  • The two-night stay is the only mandatory service of the tourist package.

Other eligible tourist services:

  • Maintenance in the accommodation, this being a maximum of half board (excluding alcoholic beverages).
  • Services health and wellness in the housing.
  • Excursions and sports services provided through the accommodation.
  • Parking and other additional paid services offered by the accommodation.
  • Entrance fees to theme parks and ski resorts (spas and thermal centers are excluded).
  • Active tourism : recreational, sports and adventure activities provided by active tourism companies.

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