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Here’s Why you Should Get Rid of your Microwave

Do you have a microwave at home? You should get rid of it as quickly as possible because it can cause serious health problems. Find out how the microwave may affect your health.

Heres Why you Should Get Rid of your Microwave

The microwave: history

The history of this oven dates back to World War II, when the workers working in small factories where they manufactured radars were warming their hands near the magnetron, a device producing magnetic energy. The American engineer Percy Spencer in 1945 gave birth to the microwave. However, people were unaware that this oven was destroying all nutrient compounds of the food. In some cases, the food even becomes toxic.

Indeed, studies have been conducted during the 80s and the researchers found that the oven could cause a decrease in good cholesterol in the blood and hemoglobin, and cause some nutritional deficiencies. In 1976, Russia also decided to ban the microwave, until the 90s when the ban was lifted.

The microwave: how it works?

The oven produces high frequency electromagnetic rays that cause a molecular agitation while cooking or reheating some food. The box and the door assembly are in turn expected to retain a majority of the waves.

The microwave and health hazards

Several scientific studies have been conducted to prove the dangerousness of this unit. In France, the physicists Marc Henry conducted experiments with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and noted that the water heated in the microwave interfere with the hydrogen bonds (H2O). The electromagnetic hydrogen bonds, and thus the structure of water, are destabilized and the water’s microbiology becomes unbalanced when microwaved. Therefore, this water becomes bio-incompatible. Moreover, this water disturbs seed germination and can become toxic to aquatic organisms.

Moreover, some people often heat their milk in the microwave. In Austria, the scientists found that the oven turns the amino acid L-proline-proline D into a toxic molecule that attacks the nervous system, kidneys and liver. In the US, it is forbidden to heat baby milk in the microwave.

The microwave and cancerous tumors

According to the scientist Paul Wypychowski specialist in electromagnetic radiation, the waves produced by this oven can promote tumor formation, “the rays of the microwaves have a power similar to that of radar used in aircrafts”. According to Dr. Wypychowski, these rays affect the body through food, but also when the person is near a microwave as they pass through the walls of the device and can alter the structure of the DNA.

Such radiation can also cause other problems:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Frequent headaches
  • Disturbance of the hormonal system
  • Impaired fertility
  • Drowsiness
  • Disruption of the nervous system

The food warming process is not natural, because the oven produces heat from inside by causing vibrations of the molecules. Moreover, foods lose their usual taste. How to explain this phenomenon? When exposed to radiation, vitamins and minerals decompose, while the enzymes are destroyed. Therefore, the body has no nutritional intake.

Here are other consequences identified by the scientists when the body is exposed to microwave:

  1. The nutritional content of foods is reduced by 60 to 90% and the food decomposition process is accelerated.
  2. Rays negatively affect the nutrients that strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases like cancer.
  3. When food is heated in the microwave, nutrients such as vitamin C, E and some minerals have little effect on the body.
  4. The breakdown of microwaved food promotes digestive disorders.

However, the harmfulness of this device is still under debate because experts don’t all agree on the subject. Some believe that the power of the rays over the foods is low and safe. To avoid any risk, it is advisable to warm you food the traditional way in order not to expose your body to health disorders.



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