Game Console Repairing Tips by Gaming Technician

Are you facing issues due to broken gaming accessories? Every game lover is passionate about his online video gaming. They don’t want that any kind of problem occurs with their lovable gadgets. But if you have any trouble due to any problem with your console, this article is for you. Please allow us to guide you on some important tips for video game console repair. After reading this blog you will be able to diagnose the issue with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo switch parts. All the tricks help you to get it back up and running in time for your next gaming excursion.

Today, we are going to discuss the solutions so you will be capable to fix common gaming console issues. If there are some minor issues with your game controller you can resolve them by yourself.  There is no need for an expert for assistance in troubleshooting the console.

6 Game Console Repairing Tips by Gaming Technician:

1. Blue Light that Blinks:

Whenever your gaming console is boot up, the LED light on the side of the console changing to white. If the blue light of your gaming console does not indicate white, it is indicated that something is wrong. This generally happens when your game console turns off without logical reason. Due to this, there may problems with broken video output. This may cause the console to fail to deliver a video to your television. You can use these tricks to solve this issue.


Disconnect the cables from your console and shut down it. After this, you have to remove all the cables of the hard drive. Check thoroughly whether or not your hard drive is properly fastened. Inspect carefully to see that the HDMI cable is in good working order. You might try replacing your HDMI cable with a new one to see if it makes a difference.

 You should make sure both your console and your TV have HDMI connectors. To resolve the gaming issue, you can also perform a Firmware Update. This will be able to resolve hardware compatibility issues if any. Try to reset your TV’s HDMI settings, because sometimes they may interfere with the signal from your PS4 console.

Reset the console and then check the power supply connections. Examine your AC power outlets, sockets, and the main power source. Attach the cables correctly hold down the button on the controller until the LED system light indicates orange light. After this press and hold the same switch until a white light of the system appears. This shows, rebooting may be beneficial in resolving the issue.

2. When the Gaming Console Fails to Connect or Continues Disconnecting:


The failure to connect to the game console is the most frequently occurring issue with PlayStation. You can also see the error codes such as CE-33991-5 and NW31201-7. All are frequently displayed when network connectivity issues occur.

 The PSN service problem is due to routine maintenance. But don’t the good news is that service maintenance is not a hectic process. After maintenance, if it resolves then fine otherwise you’re still having problems connecting.

3. Update the Firmware on your Router:


Many times there are connection problems caused due to outdated router firmware. You can get this information on the back of your router about how to check for firmware updates. After this, you have to re-establish a network to your home network. There may need to re-teach your PlayStation about how to connect to a network.

Sometimes you may do it by “forgetting” your home network and then reconnecting. If another gadget on your home medium can connect but your console can’t, then you should alter the DNS settings. For this, you should go to the option of “Network settings” and select the custom for Wi-Fi or Wired. It also depends on which type of connection you are using.

Then, go for the DHCP Host Name chooses “Do Not Use” as the auto-IP address configuration. Now choose the ‘Manual’ from a popup with DNS options. Configure your primary DNS to and your secondary DNS to

4. How to fix a Game Console that frequently Freezes:


Many people think that this issue is occurring due to the broken controller but it is not true. This could happen due to faulty firmware, excessive heat, or a connection problem. You can easily resolve this issue by allowing your PS4/PS4 Pro to cool down.

5. Game Discs are automatically ejected from the Gaming Console:


Many game lovers are facing ejection problems due to problems in the optical drive. You should use a stand to take your console in a vertical position the console to solve this problem. This will resolve the ejection issue from your system by ejecting game discs automatically. Even you can reset your console.

Sometimes your game may freeze while you’re playing the online games, or if you get any other error, the first thing you should do is hard reset your console. If feasible, turn off the gadget normally before completely removing it from the power supply. Remove the gadget after a minute or two and examine the cables. It is a common yet important connection fault like cables being switched or disconnect that causes a lot of audio/visual issues.

 Wait for a little moment and double-check that all wires are firmly plugged in so that they should be incorrect locations. If any HDMI outlet on your TV isn’t functioning, try a replace it with another one. You should have spare cables, to swap them out to make sure the problem isn’t with the cable connection.

Keep your cool as you know that while using an electronic device, it becomes hot. So make sure that your console is in a well-ventilated area. Air should intake the console easily, without obstruction.

6. Keep yourself up to date:


Today, video game systems, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System require the Internet to keep their software up to date. So installing the updates is an important aspect, so stay on top of it. Due to technology up-gradation in the past, the previous video games had more hardware problems than later versions. As the year passes the fundamental issues will have been resolved, and you’ll almost certainly get a better one.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you should take great care of your gaming accessories. Every year, the latest firmware update is introduced with new features and options. So, there are certain drawbacks you may face. If there is a minor problem in your console you can resolve them by using the above tips. But if there is a major one then it is recommended to go to the reputed repair shop. One of my favorites is Esource Parts they have a highly skilled engineers team. You just need simply bring your console to them. Their professionals are capable to repair your specific device. They have seen a lot of problems with game consoles Nintendo switch parts, on regular basis.

Thanks for reading!

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