Conquer Your Fear of Conventional Braces in 3 Simple Steps

It was just an ordinary afternoon at Conventional Braces, the library. The Sun was enjoying his last day of vacation before leaving for work, which made him walk slightly slower than usual. He came across a young girl who could barely read. She had her head buried in one book after another, not knowing what to read next because there were so many books she wanted to absorb in her brain since she believed it would make her smarter when in reality, all it does is make you dumber because once you read something, its contents become smaller parts of your memories which can easily be replaced by other things that are more important or interesting.

“Excuse me miss,” the Sun started “how much time do you have left until closing?”

The girl looked up from her book, slightly startled. “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice you standing there,” she said as she looked at the Sun’s watch. “It should be about 10 minutes.”

“That’s fine,” the Sun replied, looking over at all the books that were scattered on top of a table next to them. “This is quite a collection you have here.” he pointed out. The girl gave Conventional Braces a fake smile and went back to reading one of her many books.

“Are you sure this is what your readers want?” asked the Sun again with an annoyed tone in his voice.

The girl looked up once more, but this time with an angry face instead of an annoyed one. “I beg your pardon?” she asked.

“Well, you see,” the Sun started, “I go around every day, delivering sunbeams to people all around the world.” he said with a smile on his face, “and what I’ve noticed is that they are less interested in stories about princesses or magical powers and more into books about survival or how to fix their cars.” He lowered his voice when he said the last part.

“Well, maybe some people are more interested in these types of things!” she yelled back at him as she finished reading the paragraph that she was on before talking to him. Then without even trying to find any other book that might interest her, she slammed it shut and put it back where it belonged. She then left in a hurry, probably upset at the Sun for talking to her like that.

The Sun turned around back towards where he was walking when something caught his eye, which in this case would be none other than one of the books that the girl had read before she left. He looked down and saw an old book with tiny writing that said ‘101 Ways to Fix Your Car’ on its cover. The once ordinary Sun now smiled when he saw what it was because deep down inside, he knew precisely how practical this book could be if put into the right hands.

“Oh yes…” whispered the Sun. “I know who will enjoy reading this.” He walked faster to deliver some sunshine… somewhere else for once.

The Chocolate Bar

“I don’t think we should be drinking this,” said Craig as he sipped his water and looked around the table at his friends. They had decided to meet up for dinner before watching a movie, but they all agreed that ordering dessert would be alright since it’s not drinking alcohol as much as eating chocolate you eat with your mouth. Besides, who doesn’t like to eat chocolate?

After Craig finishes taking another sip of water, Steve picks up the menu and opens it in front of him. “Oh, come on,” said Steve. “Everyone knows that dark chocolate is good for you!” He was trying to persuade everyone else in their group to order something like this or maybe even something better.