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Clean, Sanitize and Remove Smells from Your Washing Machine and 5 Other Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom, but that is something that it has to be done, at least once a week. There are many products on the market for disinfection and shine, but here in this article you can learn how to use natural remedies to make your bathroom sparkle.

Here are several useful tips to help you clean it easily and quickly:

Washing machine

All this stuff that you put in the washing machines leaves a film of bacteria, mold and mildew in your machine, along with build up from detergent residue and hard water,that can combine over time to make a yucky smelly mess.

Washing your clothes in a dirty machine makes your clothes not as clean, and may even transfer a stinky smell to them, or get them contaminated with bacteria

If you want your washing machine to shine and to remove all the smells, you should add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in a hot water and start the short cycle. After a few minutes, turn it off, and leave it for about an hour. Afterward, turn on the longest cycle.


 One medium to large grapefruit will clean your entire bath or shower from top to bottom, including all the fixtures. Simply cut it in half with a knife and sprinkle it with salt, then wet your bath and sprinkle more salt around the bottom of the bath. Rub the tub and wash it with water. The results can be seen immediately.


Pour white ACV and lemon juice into the toilet and let it sit for 30 minutes. Next sprinkle baking soda on a toilet-bowl brush and scour any remaining stained areas. Flush. It is cheaper than the other chemical products and it is safe for children and it will remove all bad odors.


To disinfect the shower head and make it shiny and clean, you should pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in a suitable plastic bag, and with a rubber band, secure it into the shower head. Leave it to act for an hour, and then wash it off with water.

 Use apple cider vinegar at full strength on showers and tubs to remove soap scum. The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps cut mineral deposits and other buildup without creating chemical fumes or leaving residue that must be washed off.


Mix some lemon juice with potassium bitartrate, apply the mixture on an old toothbrush, and clean the sink from rust. Next, just rinse with water.

Floor and tiles

This can be an easy task from now on! Just mix a teaspoon of your dish washing detergent, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and clean the floor and tiles in your bathroom.

The products that are mentioned are easy to find in every house, they are cheap and safe for humans and easy to use, just try them and see for the results.



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