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An Incredible Drink That Burns Abdominal Fat Four Times Faster Than Other Drinks, Boosts Energy, Prevents Cancer And Eliminates Toxins

Matcha tea, or finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea, is one of the most powerful teas and oldest in the world. Gyokuro is a type of shaded green tea from Japan. It has a bittersweet flavor concentrate and a beautiful bright green color of the leaves that must be shaded, which deprives the tree from the sun three weeks before the harvest, time needed to encourage the development of essential ingredients, caffeine and chlorophyll, through photosynthesis. It isrich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids and antioxidants which makes it an indispensable ally health for several thousands of years!

An Incredible Drink That Burns Abdominal Fat Four Times Faster Than Other Drinks

How to prepare Matcha Tea:

  • Honey, agave nectar or stevia (optional, for a sweet taste)
  • Ginger or lemon (optional)
  • Camellia sinensis tea leaves (2 tablespoons in the case of powder, or fresh Matcha Tea)

How to consume Matcha tea:

Drink a cup of this powerful tea in the morning and in the evening, and it will help you maintain a good balance in your body.

Benefits of Matcha tea:

With its unique components, Matcha Tea is a real mine of benefits:

  • It ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and heart, thanks to vitamin B1 and catechins it contains. These are antioxidants that strengthen blood vessel walls and increase the elasticity of the vessels;
  • It prevents cancer by breaking the molecular link between inflammation and cancer formation;
  • It has an immediate effect on your energy, which is naturally boosted with vitamin C, which in the same time stimulates the natural defenses of your body;
  • It helps to prevent and treat diabetes as lowers blood sugar levels in your blood;
  • Its anticoagulant enzymes act on blood fluidity, slow down the absorption of sugars by the body and therefore the formation of fat;
  • It also has an important draining effect that reduces water retention and eliminates cellulite;
  • It helps eliminate abdominal fat thanks to polyphenols;
  • It is a natural detox;
  • Vitamin P it contains protects against UV rays, premature aging and skin diseases;
  • It has a relaxing effect, regulates mood and helps concentration.

Cons-indications of Matcha tea:

Like all good things, Matcha tea also has some adverse effects that should not be overlooked:

  • It is not recommended in cases of iron deficiency anemia because it slows the absorption of iron.
  • Excessive consumption of tea can cause insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches or blurred vision.
  • It is also not recommended for people with hypertension.

Despite its many virtues it is recommended to consume Matcha Tea with moderation.

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