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5 Natural Tips to Remove the Smell of Cigarettes at Home and on your Clothes

There is no more unpleasant odor than the cigarette smell, especially when you’re not a smoker! In the street, on the terraces of cafes, in restaurants it can be difficult to evade the cigarette smoke. Beside the fact that it harms the health, cigarette smell glues to the clothing and even the furniture. Here are 5 simple tips to get rid of it.

If you spend hours in the café or often invite your smoking friends at home, you are certainly familiar with the inconvenience caused by the smell of the cigarettes. This nuisance odor easily permeates clothing, sofas, curtains, carpets, etc. and can be difficult to eliminate.

Besides the inconvenience, cigarette smoke enormously influences the health, even when you are not smoking. This is called passive smoking.

The dangers of passive smoking

Passive smoking is the act of involuntarily breathing of the smoke from the smokers. In closed spaces such as offices, restaurants or cafés, non-smokers are exposed to cigarette smoke and they inhale it accidentally.

This “type” of smoking is not less dangerous than the real smoking. According to WHO data, smoking causes death to 6 million people per year. More than 5 million of them are smokers, while more than 600.000 are non-smokers.

The cigarette contains over 4.000 chemicals, 50 of which are considered carcinogenic. It is fair to say that cigarette smoke is a major risk for both smokers and non-smokers.

Indeed, passive smoking, especially, can cause many diseases in adults, including: cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems and lung cancer.

Children’s health is also threatened by the harmful effects of passive smoking. The latter can cause sudden death in infants and increases the risk of asthma attacks, bronchitis and pneumonia in children.

How to remove the smell of cigarettes

The smell of smoke permeates any surface. The carpets, chairs, clothes, furniture, drapes and curtains are the first victims. While ventilation alone is not enough, deodorants temporarily resolve this concern; but in some cases, can make it worse. In addition, they contain chemicals that are best to be avoided.

Here are 5 very simple and effective tips to get rid of that stubborn odor.

  • Use apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal

Apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal are known to neutralize and absorb odors. Use one of the two to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, if you have guests who smoke.

In separate bowls, pour some vinegar or place small pieces of charcoal. Put them in the smoky area.

You can also soak a towel in vinegar and wave it for a minute or two throughout the ventilated room, after the departure of your guests. This trick will make the smell of cigarettes completely disappear.

  • Put perfume on the light bulbs

Spray some perfume on a lamp bulb, when it is off and cold. Once lit, the bulb gets hot and the pleasant smell of perfume will spread throughout the room. This tip is a great way to cover the smell of cigarettes.

  • Scented sachets for the closet (example: lavender scent)

Clothing and accessories, such as scarves or hats, tend to absorb the smell of cigarettes easily. If you want to put your best scarf the next day and it smells on cigarette, try this trick. The first thing to do is put it outdoors for an hour, then take a plastic bag where you will put the scarf or some other garment and a scented sachet for closet. Leave them overnight, the next day your clothes will smell very good.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties. It is also very effective against bad scents, since it absorbs odors. This natural product can be very helpful to remove the smell of cigarettes.

To do this, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, chairs and the edges of the walls of the room where the smell was installed. Leave it on overnight, then remove the next day using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Use the cat litter

The smell of stale smoke that emanates from the ashtray is very strong and very difficult to remove. To remedy this, try the trick using scented sand for cats. Fill the cigarette ashtrays with this product to get rid of the smell of cigarettes.

All these tricks are very effective against the smell of cigarettes at home and on clothing. But they do not protect you from the danger that can cause exposure to tobacco smoke. It should be stressed that passive smoking enormously influences the health and can cause premature death. Thus, it is important to take precautions to protect yourself, including avoiding smoky spaces.

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