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5 (VERY) Amazing Panty Liners Applications

Some everyday items that we use on a very conventional manner can actually be useful for many other things. Just have a creative fantasy! Here are some useful tips with panty liners.

Panty liners are thinner and smaller napkins than the sanitary napkins. They are designed to limit the embarrassment associated with white discharge, protect your underwear and when you wear them you feel fresh throughout the day.

Available and cheap, panty liners should not be used only to improve your personal hygiene! Here are some amazing and useful alternative applications.

  1. Use panty liners to stop the bleeding and cover injuries

When your first aid kit is not at hand, you’re hurt and you’re bleeding, panty liners can be of great help!

How to use them?

Simply place a panty liner against the wound and secure with tape. This will help stop the bleeding and protect the wound from infection, till you get to your doctor for proper medical care.

  1. Panty liners can replace cleaning rags

Forget the paper napkins, panty liners are cleaning cloths of the future! Virtually indestructible, they also have a high absorbency.

How to use them?

Take a panty liner, moisten it with water and add a little baking soda. You can clean your microwave, refrigerator or any other appliance. Baking soda and water mixture is ideal for cleaning the toughest stains and eliminate odors. You can’t do without your new cleaning cloth!

  1. Panty liners help reduce foot sweating

Having a high absorption, panty liners are perfect to counter sweaty feet!

How to use them?

Simply place a panty liner in each shoe before wearing them, it will reduce perspiration and thus expel unwanted odors. Wise, right?

  1. Panty liners against excessive underarm sweating

Panty liners are very useful to fight against excessive perspiration and reduce sweat marks on clothing, especially in the armpits.

How to use them?

Place a panty liner inside each side of your sweater or shirt, at the armpits; so that the sticky side of the panty liner attaches to your clothing (it must be close to the body and not transparent of course). The soft part of the panty liner will absorb the sweat, which will limit the discomfort of perspiration!

Moreover, this trick is used by many celebrities, including the German Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg wearing a panty liner on the forehead, under his helmet to absorb sweat!

  1. Panty liners can replace breast pads

If you are breastfeeding, panty liners can be very useful. During the early weeks of breastfeeding, women have an overproduction of breast milk and want to stay dry!

How to use them?

You can use panty liners instead of breast pads! Place them inside your bra at your nipples to be more comfortable and stay dry.

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