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4 Powerful Ingredients to Burn Stored Fat

Dreaming of a slim and sculpted body? You want to get rid as soon as possible of the stored fat? Here are some recommendations for powerful fat burner to include into your diet.

4 Powerful Ingredients to Burn Stored Fat

Before knowing how to get rid of excess fat that surrounds your hips and stomach that simply does not want to burn, first we need to try to understand how our body produces this fat and how it stores.

How we store fat?

Three type of food are needed to our body: proteins (meat, fish), carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables) and lipids (oils, dairy products, egg yolks). The first two are converted respectively to amino acids and glucose, and cannot be stored by the body as fat with the help of insulin. However, in terms of lipids, in case intake exceeds the body’s needs they begin to store.

To get rid of this fat stock, fitness experts Peter Carvell, coach and consultant nutritionist, has revealed four powerful and effective ingredients that will help you get fit in a month!

Powerful fat-burning food

Cinnamon: This is one of the most popular spices in the world for its high content of antioxidants that help fight against aging and stress. But of course, many people find its comfort in stress with chocolate and sweets!

However, cinnamon not only decreases our desire for sweet foods, but it also controls the level of glucose in the body and maintains its sensitivity to insulin, needed to convert proteins and carbohydrates into fat (as explained above). Thus, by consuming half a teaspoon cinnamon before meals, you will want to eat less during the meal and have less urge to snack after.

However, cinnamon is not recommended for pregnant women and should be consumed in moderation, because it can produce gastric irritation.

Chili: It contains capsaicin (an antioxidant), which stimulates the energy consumption. In other words, it promotes the loss of calories, especially those from burned fat. Moreover, according to scientific studies, chili consumption before or during a meal reduces the appetite and thus reduces the amount of calories ingested.

Coffee beans: Mainly green coffee, pure, which contains antioxidants promotes digestion and eliminates toxins and contains chlorogenic acid which reduces blood sugar levels and reduces the absorption of sugar by intestines. In addition, it stimulates energy consumption and acts as appetite suppressant.

Green tea: This aromatic plant worshiped by the English is a real treasure. Its benefits are many: anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, etc. Green tea is known for its ability to enhance immunity, stimulate digestion and especially to burn fat.

It has many similarities with the coffee: its antioxidant content, its detoxifying effect and stimulates energy consumption. But unlike the coffee, green tea has a relaxing effect, reduces stress level and inhibits cortisol hormone that increases the appetite.

However, it is preferable to use organic tea to be sure of their quality. Organic teas contain no chemicals or pesticides.

So to have a slim and sculpted body, you must start the morning with a good cup of coffee, preferably without sugar or cream and ideally with a bit of cinnamon, 30 minutes before the morning exercises (eh yes, sports, you will not escape the workout!). Then, a little spice added to our lunch, and finish the afternoon in style, with a cup of hot green tea, which frees from the stress accumulated during the day. You do not forget to practice a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.

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